Jordan Wall

Jordan Wall.jpg

Jordan Wall graduated from the University of Toronto, majoring in French and minoring in music and drama, though, has not written any French musicals – in case you were wondering. Instead, spent over ten years working in communication and media roles. As a communications executive at Kobo Books, he collaborated with world-renowned authors like Chris Hatfield, Margaret Atwood, and Pattie Mallette (known to most, if not all, as Justin Bieber’s mom).

Like all rational human beings, Jordan loves (understatement) music. He jams on his lefty guitar on the daily, owns a shoe rack of band-printed Chuck Taylors, and ponders why the Milk Crate Gods conspire against him by changing their dimensions to no longer accommodate his vinyl collection.

Jordan currently trains for marathons, earned his TESOL certification, and documentarian diploma. Translation: he wants to race, teach, and film all around the world.

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