Written by Samantha Burton, Photography by Megan Ewing

Casa Guatemala works hard to aid those in the country who need it most - vulnerable children of whom for their own individual reasons could not be cared for by their biological parents or whose families can’t afford schooling. Casa Guatemala provides health care, education, and a warm supportive environment for all of their children. Since its inception in 1977 the organization has housed and enhanced the lives of over 250 children a year. The varying facilities in the areas include offices, a carpentry shop, three greenhouses, fish ponds, a pig pen, and 25 acres of fruit and vegetable crops. School facilities provide education for ages from pre-kindergarten to grade six.

“Since its inception in 1977 the organization has housed and enhanced the lives of over 250 children a year.”

Casa Guatemala operates entirely on funding provided by donations and sponsorships. As a result of this, the facilities and living conditions can often suffer, as well as the children, as there are not enough funds for upgrading the water system, the food being served and the supplies to help the children learn.

Despite the need for funding, the children and staff are very welcoming, warm and friendly and are always looking for new volunteers to join their team and live with the children in Rio Dulce. To capture the work at Casa Guatemala, Photographers Without Borders sent Megan Ewing to the Rio Dulce. Megan's compassion for humanitarian issues and her background in visual arts made this collaboration particularly unique.

About the Photographer:
Megan Ewing is now the Creative Director at Photographers Without Borders with a background in fine art, graphic design and photography. The application of photography has always been a dream for Megan, and its connection with her passion for creating awareness about humanitarian issues around the globe makes every opportunity to do so an enriching and worthwhile experience. Along with her journey to Casa Guatemala, Megan has also traveled to Colombia for a behind-the-scenes video and photo project with PWB for Mission Gaia. Most recently, she also facilitated PWB's photodocumentary workshop in Costa Rica.

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