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Seeds Of Peace (SOP), Israel & Jordan

Seeds Of Peace (SOP), Israel & Jordan

Written by Christine Hogg, Photography by Maggie Svoboda

In 1993, award-winning journalist and author John Wallach created Seeds of Peace and successfully opened the Seeds of Peace summer camp in Maine. Over a span of 21 years, Seeds of Peace has expanded its mission into South Asia, Europe the Middle East to promote peace in regions affected by conflict. Seeds of Peace implements a development model that focuses on three areas of change: personal transformation, interpersonal transformation and societal transformation. 

Seeds of Peace recognizes influential young leaders and hosts an educational program at its camp in Maine. From there, leaders deploy year-long programs which seek to enrich domestic and international relationship building, overall respect for the community and build upon existing leadership qualities.

To date, Seeds of Peace has worked in 27 countries including the Middle East, South Asia, Europe, and United States and has amassed an impressive 6,000 alumni.

About the Photographer

Maggie Svoboda is a photographer and storyteller from Nebraska, currently residing in Texas. After freelancing for quite some time, Svoboda started looking into the non-profit sector and applied for a workshop with Photographers Without Borders which took her to Israel-Jordan. Her experiences on the ground were split, with a conference where Svoboda interviews those who worked in the community on behalf of Seeds of Peace, followed by field work, where she was able to witness and document the work of the projects Seeds of Peace hosts.

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