Written by Novy Warouw, Photography by Meghan Wilson

Dejavato Foundation is a fast-growing non-governmental and non-profit organization whose work promotes peace through voluntary services by supporting global education, respecting culture and the environment, and developing a sustainable local community in Indonesia. It seeks to build a convergent society with international understanding, solidarity, and sense of responsibility towards the social environment. Dejavato to aims to support the educational path of disadvantaged individuals throughout Indonesia and works to mobilize Indonesian people--particularly the younger generation--to be active participants in voluntary service in Indonesia as well as overseas.

 Dejavato--meaning "The Island of Java" was founded when a group of expatriates, high school and university students from Semarang came together for an organized weekend camp in Karimunjawa Islands. After a long-lasting economical crisis that swept through several parts of Asia, Indonesia suffered the backlash, experiencing severe governmental budgetary cuts in the areas of education and social welfare. The founders of Dejavato recognized the need for community and sought to address the gap that the government had left behind.

At the end of 2005, two additional members had joined Dejavato from Japan and Netherlands. By the following year, Dejavato grew and received 51 volunteers from South Korea, forming three bilateral work camps as a result. In March 2007, Dejavato joined the group at the Technical Meeting Alliance in Turkey and officially became the member of CCIVS UNESCO (Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service) and NVDA Asia Pacific (Network for Voluntary Development in Asia). In August 2008, Dejavato received 2 volunteers from Germany--courtesy of the EVS (European Voluntary Services)--and Denmark, via ICYE Federation (International Cultural Youth Exchange). In November 2009, Dejavato officially became a member of ICYE federation. 

Most of Dejavato's projects are held in the islands of Sumatra, Jawa, Bali, and Sulawesi. Outside of Indonesia, Dejavato organizes voluntary works in Europe, Asia, as well as America. Projects range from education, health care, renovation and general socio-cultural development. These can be broken down into Group Volunteer Projects a.k.a. Workcamp, whereby a group of international volunteers gather for a short time to support a local community or an endangered natural environment and try to build international dialogue and friendship. Volunteers may also serve in Individual volunteer projects to support the creation and implementation of long-term community development projects across Indonesia. 

“Today, Dejavato organizes around 50 voluntary projects annually, both at the national and international level. ”

About the Photographer: Megan Wilson traveled to Indonesia for a month to capture Dejavato. She was tasked to document the arrival of international volunteers, capture day to day details of the training programs, and provide a journalistic view of Dejavato's current projects. Megan lives in Pemberton BC, a small and quiet mountain town. As a graduate from VanArts photography program in Vancouver, she enjoys working with natural light and colour. Megan became involved with PWB because she wanted to use photography to do something for the greater good. Today, Megan primarily shoots weddings and architecture as well as works on her personal projects.

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