Written by Christine Hogg, Photography by Laura Crowell

Niños con Valor helps Bolivian children with troubled pasts get the full range of help that they need. The organization is important because residential schools in Bolivia have an unfortunate amount of abuse and neglect and before NCV, children had nowhere else to turn. NCV has three programs: one for girls, one for boys, and one for preparing children entering adulthood. Gender-based violence is also a serious issue that plagues Bolivia, so NCV takes the care of female children seriously with separate homes for boys and girls. 

“....they will always stay true to their founding promises: to provide a nurturing and loving family environment. ”

PWB photographer Laura Crowell was chosen to travel to Bolivia and document the efforts of NCV, she went to both homes and witnessed the warmth that was provided to the children and how they radiated because of it. NCV manages to maintain this atmosphere all the while caring for children in the worst situations. There are children in its care living with HIV, an unfortunately large growing population in Bolivia. NCV has many long-term goals and projects on the go, but they will always stay true to their founding promises: to provide a nurturing and loving family environment. Crowell’s photographs show the hard word that goes into providing for all the children, and the payoff in their smiles and success.

About the Photographer: Laura Crowell is a Toronto-based visual artists who, through PWB, got the chance to travel across world borders to tell the stories of children in need and the workers who help them. She wanted her photos to reflect the positive atmosphere in the NCV homes, despite the troubling paths that lead the children there. She credits her greatest experience on the trip to learning how to stop and truly pay attention to those around her. Her photography style is to capture life as it happens, rather than wait for a specific opportunity.

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