Written by Andrew Malcolm, Photographed by Daniel Davis & Aga Szydlik

Based in Tanzania, NGO Tackle Africa's s purpose is to educate youth and young adults on sexual health with a focus on HIV; ten million young adults in the fifteen to twenty-four age group live with HIV worldwide, and they also account for forty-percent of new infections. What makes the sex education program at Tackle Africa so successful is that they use football (soccer), a popular sport in many parts of Africa, to encourage, inspire and engage youth in the importance of sexual health.

“By combining sex education with physical training, their prevention message is better remembered, understood and practiced.”

Four hundred and sixty five coaches combine football drills with sex education for over a thousand at risk youth between the ages of twelve an eighteen, providing HIV testing as well. By combining sex education with physical training, their prevention message is better remembered, understood and practiced. Along with Tanzania, Tackle Africa also runs programs in Kenya and Uganda.

About the Photographers:  

Aga Szydlik interviewed Yianny Ioannou about Tackle Africa, and documented the charity’s work for Photographers Without Borders while in Tanzania. She's a philanthropist with a diverse skill set that allows her to engage with communities in Africa; while in Tanzania with Tackle Africa, she was thrilled to learn both soccer and Swahili.

Hailing from Boulder, Colorado, Daniel Davis developed a passion for human rights during his time served with the Peace Corps as a volunteer for a project in Cameroon, Africa. Upon returning to the United States, Daniel became passionate about photography and has been shooting professionally ever since. With children's rights issues close to his heart, Davis was a perfect match for documenting the break-through efforts of Tackle Africa.