Written by Andrew Malcolm, Photographed by Kelly Wenzel

Poverty in Pakistan can take a form that most of us couldn’t imagine, but education, even in the harshest living environments has the power to break cycles of poverty. The Thaakat Foundation’s 'Campus 3' school is situated in Karachi on an unlikely place; located on a landfill where families may only earn $1 a day, the Campus 3 school is providing education to those who would otherwise have none. 

“.....education, even in the harshest living environments, has the power to break cycles of poverty. ”

Founded in 2007 by Uzma Bawany, the Thaakat Foundation has developed a process for bringing education to communities in particular who face extreme poverty. Now children of these communities can express an excitement about their day-to-day lives and have hope for their futures. Eager to expand the success of the Thaakat Foundation, Bawany continues to strengthen her relationship with donors and connect with new donor networks.

About the Photographer: Kelly Wenzel documented the efforts of the Thaakat Foundation by spending a series of life-changing days at the Campus 3 school with the founder of the NGO, Uzma Bawany. The transformation of communities brought about by the Thaakat Foundation is celebrated in Wenzel’s  portraitures of children chasing her camera lens and expressing such enthusiasm for educational opportunities. Wenzel herself, is an advocate for education as a means for transforming impoverished communities and remains a huge supporter of the Thaakat Foundation.

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