Written by Novy Warouw, Photographed by Sarah Ann Tobi

The Village Health Project was born out of a 2002 University of Wisconsin-Madison study-abroad trip to Uganda under the direction of Professor James Ntambi, who was born in Uganda. The trip proved to be such a success that Ntambi expanded the program and created a way for students to gain hands-on experiences within the village of Lweeza, Uganda, Ntambi’s hometown. VHP focuses specifically on sustainable projects that could improve sanitation, nutrition, and education in this rural Ugandan village.

“There are people working together on different projects to show exactly the power of team-building.”

PWB photographer Sarah Ann Tobi was sent to Lweeza to photograph the project and in her photos you see how greatly this project has impacted the lives of the people in this village. Not for their lack of heart determination, but there are issues with malnutrition, contaminated water, children’s education, and shelter in Lweeza. All the people needed were the resources that VHP could provide. Tobi’s photos show a community of students and locals really coming together for common goal: to get the village on the right path so that the people who live there can be successful. There are people working together on different projects to show exactly the power of team-building.

About the Photographer: Sarah Ann Tobi is a freelance photojournalist who often finds herself in the most amazing places. Before going on her PWB trip to Uganda, she occasionally worked with a small company called the Tripti Project that sent her to Bangladesh to photograph the aftermath of the Rana Plaza factory collapse. She loves travelling to explore and volunteer because through her lens she can meet new people and share their stories. She wants to use her talents to help people who are trying affect positive change in the world.

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