Country: Malawi
Location: Blantyre, Makwasa, Malawi
Dates: March-April 2019
Project Length: 14 days
Application Deadline: TBD
Project ID: 1962

ABOUT THE charity

Established in 2005, this nonprofit organization exists to promote interventions that build wellbeing of underprivileged people through capacity development, advocacy and impact mitigation. Their goals include: alleviating the impact of chronic illnesses, including HIV and AIDS through provision of evidence-based interventions among the targeted; empowering the rural/vulnerable women to self-reliant economically; developing to full capacity the Malawian children in order for them to contribute effectively towards national development; designing and implementing interventions that shall significantly improve the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in Malawi; promoting community development through innovative approaches deployed in various targeted communities for the benefit of the marginalized children; and advancing the rights and freedoms of vulnerable groups through advocacy, lobbying and impact mitigation.

SDGs: Good health and well-being (3); Quality education (4); gender equality (5)


The photographer will arrive in Blantyre and introduced to the NGO’s team. He/she will receive an orientation of their current project and needs, tour several project sites (including, Early Childhood Development Centre, Solar Irrigation Farming site), and attend cultural events. He/she will also visit support groups for people living with HIV/AIDS, take photos and interview volunteers, and visiting a local hospital for the purpose of interviewing hospital staff about their work in relation to HIV/AIDS programs. The photographer will additionally attend HIV/AIDS Testing and Counselling event. The materials will be used for fundraising purposes.



  • Proficient in photo-documentary/photojournalism (and videography)

  • Experience using editing software (Photoshop, InDesign)

  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills

  • Adaptable to new and different situations, flexible and patient

  • Respect to cultural sensitivity, and experience working with vulnerable populations

  • Storytelling - Must submit a minimum of one (1) article 800-1000 words upon completion of the project, to complement the images/footage of this assignment.


  • Experience in overseas development




Note: As per the NGO, you should expect approximately $316 out of pocket expenses based on your food and recreational preferences.

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