Country: Nepal
Location: Bhelukel, Bhaktapur, Bagmati  
Project Length: 14 days
Dates: Mid-September to December 2019
Project ID: 1993
Producer: Katherine Cheng

ABOUT THE partner

In 2015, a group of volunteers travelled to Nepal to aid in repairing the damages caused by the earthquake that killed nearly 9,000 people. After realizing how much more needed to be done in the community, some decided to stay and open a community-based organization to help in breaking the cycle of poverty, child labor, and child marriage. They believe this is best accomplished through an increase in education, incentive-based child marriage prevention programs, access to nutrition and healthcare, and personal empowerment.  

As of today, 87% of the organization’s children are enrolled in formal education and only 8% engage in child labor, with no new children have joined the workforce since 2016. They have helped in removing vulnerable children from child labor through education sponsorship and child marriage prevention, making them they are less likely to hold hazardous, low paying jobs as adults and six times less likely to end up be married as a child.

SDGS: 5 (gender equality), 4 (education)

assignment DETAILS

The focus will be documenting this organization’s work in various project sites around the community.  Specifically it will involve photographing their programs, getting to know the children, and evoke supporters in a way that captures the children’s story.  Some of your tasks will be aiding in taking photos that will be used in a special photo series in the community, create a photo series or short documentary on women who are speaking our against child marriage, and many more.  



  • Experience in photojournalism 

  • Excellent interpersonal and communications skills 

  • Basic videography skills is a bonus  

  • Adaptable to new and different situations, flexible and patient 


  • Experience travelling abroad  


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