Congratulations! Now that you have been chosen for one of our GPS Program Projects, please see the steps you need to follow next:


1. Make sure to return your contract, health form, copy of your valid passport and waiver. 

Please return no more than 72 hours after accepting your position and receiving these documents. 

2. You will Receive your "Get Started" package. 

This includes your GroupRev fundraising guide and login info. Start your fundraising campaign now to offset your costs for airfare, insurance, visas, vaccinations and program fee. Your transportation to and from the airport and your accommodations will be coordinated for you. PWB does not cover meals or incidentals. Sometimes the Organization will include a meal, this is considered a bonus! You will need to be prepared with personal funds for your own use and for your snacks and meals.

3. If you need a visa or vaccine, get started now! 

This is your responsibility.
Canadians can find information here:
Americans can find information here:

4. Fundraise! 

If your fundraising goals for your Program Fee is not met by the deadlines on your contract, you must top up the balance of your Program Fee to your GroupRev Page by that date. You may continue to fundraise for the duration of your trip. This closes however once you have returned. Exceptions are made where necessary. 

You will be reimbursed for program-related expenses. You will be covered for the following if you have fundraised for your costs during this time: Airfare, Travel Insurance, Health Insurance, Visas, Vaccinations, Program fee

We will reimburse you as long as you provide us with scanned receipts. All funds must be raised and accounted for on your GroupRev Fundraising Page. 

All funds will be accounted for in US dollars.

5. Receive your pre-departure package.

Upon making the payment for your program fee. 

6. Pay for your flight and insurances. 

This needs to be arranged in coordination with the Organization as soon as is feasibly possible.

7. Book and complete pre-departure training with PWB's Executive Director. 

Please do so no less than 3-4 weeks from your departure date.

8. Bon voyage! ✈️

9. Upon your return

You will be given a feedback form. Please return this to us as well as your edited images, video, field notes and permissions. We will expect these no more than 2 weeks from your return date, (unless you have made other arrangements). 


Images and Raw Video

  • You must submit an edited selection of about 200 - 400 images to PWB.
  • PWB will not crop or alter your work, so please be sure to provide your Best Work!
  • Be careful not to over process your images. 
  • We will expect that you will also add meta data information to your photos. This information will be provided to you.
  • If Video has been requested. We will expect Raw Video Footage to be uploaded or send to us, for us to do the Final Editing. 

Photos are to be submitted as follows:

  • 300 dpi high resolution
  • Jpeg format at approximately 10MB each. 
  • There are several ways to send your photographs, Dropbox, or external Flash drive are preferred. 
  • You will be invited to a Dropbox Folder reserved for your project Photos or a Flash drive may be mailed to: 

Photographers Without Borders
720 Bathurst Street
Toronto Ontario, M5S 2R4

PWB will share your work with the Host Organization. We will also use these photos for organizational communications and outreach purposes, therefore web and print. 

Please feel free to clarify as we work together to make this a wonderful experience for all! We look forward to exhibiting your work with us and having your work published in our magazine, on our blog and in print, in order to promote and raise awareness for the cause you've championed!