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Ashley is a Certified Management Accountant and holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in Finance from Brock University. She brings experience in project and change management focusing on effective communication strategies and prioritizing milestones and goals to ensure overall program success. Not one to sit behind her desk and become an accountant stereotype, her career focus has been in the hospitality industry where she has worked in various locations across Canada and the US. The frequent and sometimes longer term travel stretches allow her to connect with locals and try new experiences not readily available at home.  

She is passionate about travel, photography and exploring local traditions. She believes that in order to understand the true essence of a place and its people, you should try to be immersed in their culture and traditions. Photography is a great avenue to provide that glimpse into the diversity of the lives people live in other countries and socio-economic situations, and provide an understanding or at the very least open a dialogue about their experiences.

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