Gabriel Freire

Video Editor


Always bound to the visual arts and the power of storytelling, Gabriel was born in Brazil, where he completed his bachelor degree in Graphic Design at the Mackenzie Presbyterian University, just to discover that his true calling was in the world of motion pictures.

After completing his fist film and thesis project “Dream Catchers (2013)”, his hunger and curiosity about the art of filmmaking led him to work on various productions both in set (as an 3rd and 2nd Assistant Director) and at the editing suite, cutting and piecing commercial ads together.

But it still wasn’t enough, and wanting to widen his world view, he travelled to Vancouver where he graduated with honors at Vancouver Film School’s film production course and eventually fell in love with Canada.

An humanist at heart, Gabriel saw poverty first hand in Brazil and believes it’s both a great responsibility and an honor to work with PWB into bringing the voices of those less privileged forward.

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