Growing up in rural Ireland, the importance of family and community have always been important to me. Taking part in local clubs and organisations, I really began to understand what "community" meant, and how we can change society through social action.

Having completed my BA in English Literature and History, I decided to move to Toronto, to fully immerse myself in a world of diversity, and to try and decipher my next step in life. Toronto has become my new home, where I find myself wanting to get involved in the community once again. As a writer with Photographers Without Borders, I can blend my love of writing and photography to help make a difference. 

Living in a globalized world has opened my eyes to how connected we all are, especially in the age of social media. I believe we can all help one another in the fight for universal human rights, political freedom and climate change. Every word we write, and every photo we take can incite action.

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