Lisa Byers

Marketing manager

Lisa first discovered her passion for communications when she was 15, building websites and teaching herself how to use Photoshop. She decided
to pursue her studies at the University of Western Ontario in the Media, Information & Technoculture program, followed by a semester at the
Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. While spending 5 months
in Asia, she claims Cambodia was the first country to open up her mind to all degrees of what humanity encompasses. When she returned to Canada, she pursued her Masters degree in Advertising at the University of Texas at Austin (and if you need tips about SXSW or Austin City Limits, she'd be more than happy to chat!). 

After spending 5 years on the advertising side working as a social content strategist for global agencies including Leo Burnett, Ogilvy and Toronto-based agency Grip Ltd., Lisa went on to pursue her own freelance business working with clients, including the United Nations. Her passion lies in raising awareness and bringing light to the darker issues that we face here on Earth (both human and animal), and both bridging the gap and celebrating our cultural differences. In between travelling and trying to save the world, Lisa is a meditation and yoga advocate, animal lover and hip hop karaoke star. Lisa is more than excited to be joining the PWB team!

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