Marisa sittheeamorn

video editor


Originally hailing from Bangkok, Thailand, Marisa recently graduated from Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, with a dual degree in Rhetoric, Film, and Screen Studies, and Politics. At school, Marisa extensively studied identity politics, women’s issues, social movements, film and rhetorical theory, and served as a board member at the inaugural Bates Film Festival - an experience which triggered her desire to explore the intersection of film and social justice following graduation. 

Marisa was previously an intern at the United Nations in New York, where she worked on the United Nations’ global campaign against homophobia and transphobia. She is currently also a research and production assistant at Her Film Company, working on an upcoming documentary about the lack of mental health care and emotional reality that women go through when they miscarry. Having lived, studied, and worked in Bangkok, Cape Town, New York, Maine, and Toronto, Marisa believes in the power of visual storytelling to find commonality among the most varying of cultures, and to represent marginalized voices. With human rights and social justice at her core, Marisa is faithful in the power of visual content to shape our everyday lives, and bring people together from an international perspective. 

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