Maxx Kochar

Chief Production Officer


Maxx is a business professional with operations and management experience; and is recognised for his exceptional business insight, strategic and experiential based solutions, with goal of solving problems. He is focused on designing competitive and sustainable business for a clean future. Maxx is valued partner to the leaders and organizations he works with, helping them to realize their goals to become the ‘preferred choice’ by their clients and customers.

He describes himself as ‘Photography Junkie’ and an aspiring Photojournalist. With a big picture vision of connecting individuals to communities and communities to individuals by sharing photographs, articles, opinions and stories. Providing information and context for humans about what’s happening in theworld we share. Those same articles, opinions and stories when combined with photographs and captions, images of personnel challenges, and more - form a scrapbook of our present-day condition. Maxx says that Photojournalism is an collection of purposes and forms that all come together in one accessible “space” making it kind of ‘Art’…where communities come together.

Maxx has been described as a business designer, advocate for social innovation, aspiring photojournalist and a big dreamer.

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