Mia Fatrdla

operations manager


Mia is a Marketing, Communications & Creative Management Professional with a Bachelor Degree in Communications from McMaster University. Her commitment to the non-profit sector is rooted in a life-long belief that we all have been given unique talents in this life, and we can use them to make a real difference in the world. Mia brings over 7 years of experience in team and project management to PWB, along with a dedication to impactful storytelling and a knack for bringing people together to make big ideas come to life.

This coupled with a love for travel and the arts – writing, photography, and everything in between - drew Mia to Photographers Without Borders. She believes that in experiencing other places and cultures, we develop a deeper understanding of each other, the world and how we are all connected and that art - in all of its forms - can be used to widen the reach of these connections, shift perspectives and inspire change. Mia looks forward to being part of this story and working with the team to make that happen. 

Contact Mia: mia@photographerswithoutborders.org

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