RAfaela Galindo

TV producer


Rafaela Galindo is an award-winning Brazilian Director and Producer, based in Toronto. Her passion for documentaries started when she produced and directed her first short documentary "Iron Crib" during her senior year of university. Prior to that, she worked in a prison unit, which ultimately fueled the real-life stories she wrote. She received her first award in 2013, with screenings in Toronto and Los Angeles.

Rafaela’s professional background includes over six years of experience as a documentary filmmaker, journalist, and producer. She graduated with honors  from Toronto Film School, and has a BA in Journalism. Her documentaries Mother's Bond and Will to Dance were nominated, awarded, and screened at prestigious festivals in Hollywood and Canada.

She is a communicator with a strong sense of storytelling, video editing and a passion for subjects with a social critique. Her documentaries continue to gain awards and recognition by promoting awareness, and giving a voice to people and to a community who needs to be heard.

Contact Rafaela: rafaela@photographerswithoutborders.org

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