Samantha Burton

Co-Editor & Journalist


Samantha once fervently believed that she was defined by fear; having suffered from social anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder as a child, and peaking into her teens, she felt isolated, different, weird, and alien. Growing up she found that her mental health issues opened avenues that may not have been offered to her had she not branched outside herself to seek aid and understanding. She found deep connection with others first deeply through music, then quickly via a plethora of wonderful mediums of expression: film, writing in poetry, short fiction and novels, identification with fictional characters, actors, psychiatric workers and patients alike, men and women of every race, orientation and attitudes a ceaselessly flowing sea of interests that overflow her mind and bedroom as books, paintings, conversations, television/films, manuscripts, self-help books, meditational practices, and comparing indulgences in sex, food, beverages and intrigue. Her hunger for knowledge often fills her days rapidly. Simply, she has found a constantly evolving peace in the arms of art and the people in her life who accept her on both her light and dark days. Life is full of typhoid and swans; the study of life is an intricate blend of soft and hard, of horror and awe. She longs to put herself into the shoes and perspective of the ignored, the hurt, the silent, the stricken and forgotten, and to tell their stories through the platform of art that innately reaches for connection and understanding.

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