Vik Panjwani

Video Editor

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Vik spent the early years of his life weaving through the colours and sights of India. He developed a keen visual sense by observing the realities around him and scratching the surface beneath to see the unseen. His constant endeavor to cohere with an audience is very apparent in his visuals.

After years of meandering through various visual arts like animation, visual effects in film and advertising, Vik chanced upon photography. Winning the ‘IndiaIs’ global photography competition in 2012 was the perfect springboard to reach higher. Over the next couple of years, Vik earned multiple projects with the Discovery Network, Asia, and assisted the director of photography. His first documentary, “The Himalayan Tsunami” won several awards including Best Cinematography at the Indian Television Awards and Commendation at the Asian Television Awards in 2014.

Vik is well travelled and has had the good fortune of living in three different countries on three different continents, which has enriched his vault of culture and knowledge.

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