PWB Scholars is a program launched in 2018 that aims to further our impact by training individuals in storytelling for change within the communities we serve. What does this look like? For each PWB Program project and PWB School program we run, at least one Scholar will be selected by our partner NGO to participate. Each Scholar is given a camera and training so that they can tell change-making stories on a sustainable, ongoing basis. 

To date, we have developed several PWB Scholars in various locations around the world and look forward to expanding our impact in the coming years.

Nayla Azmi - Sumatra, Indonesia (Orangutan Information Centre)

Darsimah Siahaan - Sumatra, Indonesia (Orangutan Information Centre)

Krisna Ketapel - Sumatra, Indonesia (Orangutan Information Centre)

Ardika Ng - Bali, Indonesia (East Bali Poverty Project)