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PWB School is the ultimate photography education experience that prepares you to use your storytelling to make change in an ethical way.

Let us take you on a journey as we work hand in hand with a local community in Mongolia. It was from Mongolia that Ghengis Khan set forth to conquer the world. This unique adventure is your chance to return to this heartland and let its people and scenery capture your heart. Leave Ulaanbaatar and the modern world behind and stay with three different families to experience life as a nomad. From Orkhon Valley to Gorkhi Terelj National Park, you'll live in gers, take tea with your neighbours, ride horses, and learn archery and garment-making skills. It's 10 days like you never imagined. From this experience you will not only be encouraged to step into new ideas and inspirations that will leave you forever changed. 

Participants will come away with beautiful additions to their portfolios, a PWB certificate and a chance to be featured in the PWB Magazine and/or the PWB News. 

TRIP DATES: AUGUST 19-28, 2018

$3,150 CAD