what is the pwb program?

We recognize that storytelling is a crucial component for any nonprofit or NGO to carve space in today's world. Photographs and motion pictures are invaluable ways of communicating messages, sharing perspectives, fostering cross-cultural understanding, and inspiring others, however they are not always accessible to all nonprofits and NGOs. That's why we focus on partnering with those in need all over the world who are contributing to the UN Sustainable Development goals (a list of 17 goals that encompass everything from healthcare, to women's empowerment, to human rights, to sustainability and innovation). The PWB Program is designed to connect the right storytellers to the right partners.

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How does the PWB Program work?

When you become a Member you not only receive a subscription to our semi-annual, award-winning print magazine, but you also receive a portfolio review (valued at over $300) and have the opportunity to be shortlisted for projects you are interested in our Current Opportunities. If we feel your portfolio needs work, you will have a chance to make some changes and re-submit it. Members with approved portfolios then become our "Associates" who are pre-approved for projects. Assignments are then offered to our Associates through a careful matching process that considers the strengths of the photographer/videographer, and needs of the nonprofit. Associates who successfully complete projects then become part "Accredited Associates" who have access to all of our projects.

Our staff do the work of sourcing quality project that are making a significant impact in addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals, organizing logistics, and packaging costs as affordably as possible. To make this accessible, PWB also gives every selected photographer or videographer a Fundraising Page to help cover costs of the project. 

Your images and video are powerful ways to make change and tell stories that need to be told. PWB uses our platform to share these stories with the world through our PWB TV web series, the PWB Magazine, exhibits, publications, and more. The work of our storytellers have been featured in various other publications including the Huffington PostHuffington Post TravelCBCRangefinderNational Geographic, The Economist, SLR Lounge, the UN-HABITAT 2013 HandbookGuttenberg PressAlternavoxPhoto LifeHart House Camera Club and many others. You can also watch our founder's TEDx talk.

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