PWB School is the ultimate photography education experience that prepares storytellers to make real change in an ethical way. With various locations to choose from every year, and a different partner NGO for each class, the stories are never-ending.


Announcing our 2019 School Program


JULY 7 - 21, 2019
Ride the waves alongside marine biologists studying humpback whales, document local students learning to swim, and dive into the water to help assess coral populations!



Learn to tell stories that promote women’s empowerment, education and entrepreneurship while experiencing both Diwali and the Pushkar Camel Fair.


NOVEMBER 14 - 27, 2019
This fall, get the chance to see firsthand the lasting impacts on protecting the magnificent tropical landscape of Sumatra that is vital, not only to the animals that seek refuge, but also the local community.


Photography and storytelling are perhaps the most invaluable tools when it comes to creating movements and shifting mindsets through communication. We've crafted our PWB School workshops as a training ground for anyone who seeks seeks to learn these skills in an immersive environment where you have the chance to be mentored by working professionals with chances each day to create and learn in a conducive and uplifting environment. These are perfect for students, photographers (professional or amateur), marketing and communications professionals, international development professionals, social media professionals.


Looking for a more private experience?

Let us arrange a PWB School experience that will make the perfect graduation trip, team-building excursion, or bonding experience with friends and family. E-mail us at for more details!


WHO can participate in pwb school?

The course is designed in such a way that anyone can participate, and improvement is measured compared to a baseline standard that varies from individual to individual. 

Perhaps you’re new to photography, or maybe you’re an expert photographer looking to master the art of storytelling and visual communication--Either way, think of this course as a fast-track to learning everything you need to know with lots of hands-on experience and an expert in the field at your side to guide you. 

WHAT will we learn at pwb school?

Over the course of the workshop you will learn the art of photo documentary and visual communication. 

Your perspective will be pushed to new limits with captivating discussions about social change and the power/role you hold as a photographer, and through guided practice you will learn how to give and take constructive critique to improve your work.

Through engaging lessons and hands-on challenges you will learn to master different kinds of natural light, how to take a perfect portrait, and how to capture the best landscapes.

Finally, you will learn to produce photo essays that not only tell a story, but tell a powerful, meaningful story. You will have the opportunity to capture photographs of nature, wildlife, portraits of people, as well as beautiful landscapes. We are confident that you will improve dramatically as a photographer after this workshop. Now how does that sound? 

After a PWB School workshop, participants will:

  • Receive an official PWB School Certificate of Completion

  • Improve ability to tell stories through photography

  • Improve image-taking skills

  • Learn how to communicate effectively through various channels

  • Learn about intersectionality and about trauma-informed, anti-oppressive approaches to photography

  • Leave with a portfolio of work

  • Have a new set of tools to use in communications and social change

  • Look at the world differently

  • Make new friends!


Don't take it from us - Hear about what some of our past participants have to say:

I am a new photographer and took the Photographers Without Borders workshop to learn more about how to use my camera and take better photos. What I learned during the course of the workshop was much more rewarding and inspiring than what I expected. Our group travelled across different cities and learned about the real people of Nicaragua who work hard every day to provide a better future for those who need it the most. Yes, I learned to take better photos but more importantly to be socially conscious of who and what I photograph. Being truthful to the model and their surroundings is not something that is taught enough. This lesson is what separates the real photographers from the hobbyists. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the course and would recommend the workshop to anyone regardless of their experience level.

- Isabelle

The PWB school in Nicaragua really opened my eyes to a whole new level of photography. For me, it was far more then I anticipated or expected. From the first day I really felt absorbed into the curriculum of what was being taught and the life of the communities that became our subjects for next 10 days. The experience turned a deep passion into a deeper desire for me.

- Paul

How much does pwb school cost?

Each workshop has a different cost, which does not include airfare. PWB strives to be as accessible as possible, so anyone can create their own PWB School Campaign, an opportunity to fundraise your way towards a PWB School space at PWB! Send us a message for more information.