PWB School consists of various workshops intended to allow photographers a chance to not only learn from a master photographer and explore the world, but to also give back by working directly with our NGO partners.


Current workshops available

PWB offers new workshops quarterly. Below are the current workshops available. Subscribe to our newsletter to be notified of new workshops available.

Trip Dates: Sept 12-25, 2017
Women's empowerment in action. 
Deadline to register JULY 1, 2017.

Trip Dates: October 6-19, 2017
Fostering hope for children in Uganda. 
Deadline to Register JULY 1, 2017. 

Trip Dates: November 10-23, 2017
Saving forests and critically endangered wildlife. Deadline to register AUGUST 1, 2017.


WHO can participate?

The course is designed in such a way that anyone can participate, and improvement is measured compared to a baseline standard that varies from individual to individual. 

Perhaps you’re new to photography, or maybe you’re an expert photographer looking to master the art of storytelling and visual communication--Either way, think of this course as a fast-track to learning everything you need to know with lots of hands-on experience and an expert in the field at your side to guide you. 

WHAT will we learn?

Over the course of the workshop you will learn the art of photo documentary and visual communication. 

Your perspective will be pushed to new limits with captivating discussions about social change and the power/role you hold as a photographer, and through guided practice you will learn how to give and take constructive critique to improve your work.

Through engaging lessons and hands-on challenges you will learn to master different kinds of natural light, how to take a perfect portrait, and how to capture the best landscapes.

Finally, you will learn to produce photo essays that not only tell a story, but tell a powerful, meaningful story. You will have the opportunity to capture photographs of nature, wildlife, portraits of people, as well as beautiful landscapes. We are confident that you will improve dramatically as a photographer after this workshop. Now how does that sound? 

How much does it cost?

Each workshop has a different cost but you can participate in our PWB School Campaign contest, an opportunity to fundraise your way towards a workshop space at PWB!