zachary zara

video editor

I discovered my love for filmmaking from my passion for snowboarding. I lived in Whistler BC for a few years teaching snowboarding and eventually making snowboard films and taking photographs. After a year of university in Squamish I knew I wanted to become a full-time filmmaker, so I moved back home to Toronto to attend Toronto Film School. I graduated in spring of 2013 and have never looked back. I have been shooting as a freelance cinematographer since then and have grown as a filmmaker immensely. 

My purpose is to connect with others, I found a way to do this through my lens. I feel deeply for the stories I bring to life. Each moment I shoot inspires me. Each perspective heightens my awareness. I strive to capture more than just an image or scene. I capture what it feels like to be right there. Right there when the puck drops. Right there when that rare, deep kind of love gets expressed. Right there, for one of those moments that takes your breathe away. My goal is to connect to people with the meaning of life through film.

Contact Zachary: zach@photographerswithoutborders.org

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