1. Portfolio

We accept portfolios from professional and amateur photographers. You do not need to be a photojournalist to apply--in fact many of our photographers shoot everything from fashion, to weddings, to commercial work, to portrait work. It is advisable to submit work that demonstrates your abilities in shooting photo documentaries and portraits. 

2. Personality/Lifestyle Characteristics

These are the qualities and characteristics of a PWB photographer otherwise known as “CARMA”: Culturally Sensitive, Adaptable, Respectful & Representative, Motivated, Adventurous.


See the project through from start to finish and please respect our expectations and deadlines.


It is important that our photographers demonstrate adaptability and flexibility because our itineraries are not set in stone. It is important that photographers feel comfortable in new and changing situations and environments. A sense of openness to new ideas and experiences is very important as well as each day brings new challenges.


We work with small, humble grass roots organizations that are operating in developing countries so maintaining respect for the organization’s work and operations is very important to us. Respect for local cultures and traditions is important to us as well. Making an effort to integrate into the community is important. We also value dignity and limited displays of privilege. You are also representing Photographers Without Borders while you are on an assignment, so a sense of professionalism is important.


Motivation is a key strength of our photographers, most of whom work independently. From fundraising to travelling to completing your assignment, being motivated by your passion for the project and the organization’s work is key to success in this role.


Our photographers are fearless and are not afraid to get their hands dirty! From camping to trekking, you’re up for it and you won’t make a fuss. You understand that there are risks with travelling abroad with your own camera equipment.