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Get limited edition PWB prints captured by our photographers and curated monthly. September is Climate Action Month. To recognize this time, we will be featuring yesterday's selection of photos for our monthly print shop.

At PWB, we work with many partner NGO's that are working towards United Nations Goal #13: Climate Action. These organizations are developing ambitious plans and adaptations to combat the crisis in their communities as well as globally. Grassroots organizations are making huge impact in their communities, such as the Pan Himalayan Grassroots Foundation, who are battling environmental degradation while developing community forestry initiatives and sustainable agriculture. Or the Sumatran Wildlife Sanctuary, who have secured over 10 hectares of protected rainforest in Indonesia.

Photos from this month’s printshop are taken by Matt Delorme,
Dave Couslon, Jon Lloyd, Damari Mcbride, Jeff Mikkelson and Sharon Radisch.


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