1.  How does this work?

You must apply in order to be considered for our program. Applicants have access to all of our projects for one year and can become candidates for any of our projects at any time before each project deadline by simply emailing us. Candidates are reviewed with these criteria in mind. Candidates who are shortlisted may be contacted for a phone interview. One photographer and one videographer are selected per project. All members will be contacted when a selection has been made. 

2. What happens if I'm selected? 

If you are selected, a member of our team will notify you of your acceptance by phone or email and you will be given further instructions from there. Volunteers will arrange departure dates with the coordinator and will also receive instructions to set-up a fundraising page so that campaigns can start right away.

3.  What happens if I'm not selected? 

Do not worry if you have not been selected--you will still be considered for other projects! We completed over 40 unique projects this year.

4. What's PWB's impact?

PWB has completed over 60 projects in less than 2 years in over 21 countries. So far we have helped our photographers and videographers raise over $100,000, covering 100% of project-related expenses through online fundraising.

5. How many images are required for the project?

PWB requires the best selection of your work. The number of images depends on the length of time you spend working in country and the scale of the project. Typically projects last from 1 to 2 weeks, however some projects have lasted up to 2 months. After the project is completed, photographers are expected to submit a finalized selection of 150 - 250 images.

 6. How do I submit my photos after the project and in what format? 

We expect images/video to be sent via Dropbox or mailed to us on DVD in high resolution TIFF or JPEG format at 300 dpi 14 days upon returning from a project. Our Dropbox email is: info@photographerswithoutborders.org

7. Who has copyright over the photos that I take for the project?

The photographer/videographer grants PWB and the partner organization an unlimited, royalty-free license to their images/video. After the project you are free to do use the images as you please (i.e. hold an exhibition, include them in your portfolio, or add to your website, etc.). However, for the protection of our partner organizations and in abiding by ethical photography standards, photographers are prohibited from selling or licensing the images to other organizations, whether they be local or international, for profit or not for profit.

Our photographers/videographers, PWB and partner organizations must always credit work online or in print. 

8. Who will pick me up at the host country's airport?

Every photographer/videographer is assigned an International Project Coordinator who will arrange everything you need for your trip including airport pickup and drop off.

9. When will I receive my project schedule?

Your onsite and International Outreach Coordinator will arrange your project schedule once your availability is confirmed by email. Please take into consideration that every host organization’s work culture and administrative processes are different. 

10. What kind of accommodation can I expect? 

Accommodations are simple in nature as we aim to foster an immersive cultural experience. If you are traveling with another photographer/videographer of the same sex, please be prepared to share a room. Any preferences must be stipulated prior to signing on with us.

11. How do you choose your partner organizations? 

We select organizations that work on a diverse array of issues based on these criteria.

12. Why aren't there specific dates for projects?

We understand photographers have busy lives and so we want to be sure our programs are flexible enough to accommodate schedules. There are also times we try to send videographers with photographers and so we need to have flexible dates to coordinate both schedules. In addition, in the event of virus outbreaks or change of political circumstances in-country, project dates may have to be delayed. Photographers must be flexible with timelines as a result.

13.  What happens after I apply?

After you have submitted a complete application, you will be added to our applicant pool. This gives you access to our projects for up to one year. You will receive email blasts each time a new project is up and you simply need to respond to those emails when a project pops up that you are passionate about. You will be contacted for an interview if you are on our shortlist of candidates. You will be notified when your application has expired.

14.  What are my obligations to PWB if I get selected?

You are obligated to send us 200+ high res copies of your best work in high res JPEG or TIFF format within 14 days of completing your project. Copyright is shared between the Photographer, PWB and the partner organization, however we do require that images selected for our magazine are not published until the magazine is issued (4-8 images per project). Photographers must also sign a contract, waiver, health information release form, and agree to our ethical photography guidelines.

15.  Does PWB abide by ethical photography standards?

Yes we do. All of our photographers agree to abide by these guidelines.

16.  What happens after I apply?

Members have access to all available projects for up to one year starting from the date you applied (you will be notified when your application has expired). After paying your application fee, you may be asked for more information and will be contacted for an interview if you meet a position's requirements.  All interviews are conducted via Skype.  As such, please ensure that your username is correct so that you may be added as a contact.

17.  When do I know when a photographer/videographer has been selected?

All of our members are notified first every time there is a new opportunity or when a photographer/videographer has been selected for a project. Members will be notified within 2-4 weeks of the project deadline. Please refer to the project page for deadlines.

18.  Where do I find information about program fees?

You can find this information at the bottom of each project page. General information is provided here.

19.  Why aren't the organization/charity names on the project pages?

PWB does not disclose organization/charity names until a photographer is selected and formally commits to a project. We disclose all relevant organization details on each project page. All of our organizations fulfill these criteria.

20.  Does PWB insure equipment?

Our photographers and videographers are responsible for insuring their own equipment. 

21.  What does the program fee cover? What does it not cover?

Details about program fees (what it includes/does not include) are outlined here.

22. Will I need to travel for my pre-departure training (for selected applicants)?

There will be no travel involved for your training. Training will be done virtually or over the telephone with PWB’s Executive Director (ED) 3 to 4 weeks prior to departure.

23. Why are most of PWB's projects in developing countries?

We use our limited resources to help organizations that are struggling the most.


Couldn't find an answer to your question? Contact us at info@photographerswithoutborders.org