PWB is dedicated to keeping our Program Fees affordable to our volunteers. Throughout the project, PWB is responsible along with you and the Organization, to provide coordination, preparation, training and ongoing In-Country support and communication to create an enriching and life-changing experience. The following outlines the various costs associated with being a part of our Global Visual Communication Program (GVCP).


PWB Global Program fee covers:

  • Honorarium to the Organization /  Coordination of the exchange
  • Accommodations during the entire project (10 - 14 days depending on the project)
  • Airport transfers: pick / up drop off
  • Pre-departure, coordination, training and In-country support

The program fee varies according to each project (see individual project pages)*


Volunteer responsibilities include the following expenses:

  • Program fee: payable 30 days after signing Contract
  • Booking Flights, Visa, Vaccinations, Travel and Health Insurance. 
  • Staying in communication at all times, providing feedback and booking flights etc., in a timely fashion.
  • Reports on whereabouts and Project development with PWB Global Coordinator and Organization keeping everyone in the loop.
  • Field notes, approvals, etc.

Costs covered include the following expenses only: 

  • Airfare
  • Vis as & vaccinations
  • Travel insurance (required)
  • Health Insurance (required)

**We DO NOT cover personal expenses, incidentals or meals.**

IMPORTANT NOTE: Program fees must be paid 30 days upon being accepted and signing your Contract. It does not include your airfare, visas & vaccinations, travel insurance or personal pocket money or meals.  Accepted volunteers can fundraise the program fee and their program related expenses for reimbursement as long as they have raised the money on GroupRev and can provide scanned receipts for approval.


Accepted photographers are set up with an official PWB fundraising page and are encouraged to fundraise to offset their costs of the program fee, airfare, travel insurance, visas & vaccinations. Any extra fundraising will be split directly with the Organization and PWB. We encourage you to do so!

Making a payment

  • All payments must be made through your GroupRev fundraising page - (via PayPal or credit card). 
  • Program fees may be subject to change at any time.
  • Payments must be made in $USD


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