Every trip is different.

You might need a few items more or less, but these are some essential items we like to take with us and recommend for you*:


  • Lightweight backpack (or suitcase) for your non-camera items. Try to pack as light as possible. Bags with wheels and backpack straps are awesome!

  • Lightweight day bag that can fit water, one camera body with lens and an extra lens (especially for hiking)

  • Separate locks for your baggage and camera bag

  • Protection for your camera so you can shoot in the rain. We love the simple $10 rain covers available at most camera stores

  • Lightweight, quick-dry clothing that folds small

  • Bathing suit

  • At least one pair of pants, one pair of long shorts/skirt/dress, one t-shirt, one long-sleeved shirt, rain jacket and one warm sweater/jacket

  • Bring culture-specific/culture-appropriate clothing and even think about purchasing clothes locally

  • Undergarments and at least two pairs of socks

  • Travel toiletries: consider refillable sets and environmentally-friendly concentrated suds (we love Campsuds).

  • Tissues and hand sanitiser (without microbeads)

  • One microfibre towel or sarong (some of us like to use sarongs as towels that we can wear!)

  • Dessicant packets (in case something important gets wet)

  • Natural insect spray (no DEET--it's bad for the environment and your camera gear)

  • Sunscreen (SPF 30 or more)

  • Versatile shoes. We love shoes that are lightweight and good in all weather, like Keen hiking boots or Keen water shoes/sandals

  • Unlocked phone (if you want a local SIM card and data package, which is usually much cheaper than roaming)

  • Flashlight/headlamp

  • A hat/toque in case it gets cold

  • Stomach/diarrhea and headache medication. These are the most common issues while travelling

  • Two copies of your passport, travel documents, insurance, etc - one on your person and one in your bag

  • Reusable water bottle!


  • Durable bag for your camera and other related items.

  • At least one body (required)

  • A good portrait lens (required)

  • Tripod (highly recommended but not required)

  • At least one good telephoto, one good macro, one good wide and other lens favourites are recommended but not required

  • Weatherproof daypack

  • Small laptop (highly recommended but not required)

  • Extra batteries and memory cards (required)

  • Portable hard drive to back up memory cards (highly recommended!)

  • Lens cleaning equipment

  • Personal equipment insurance (highly recommended; PWB is not responsible for lost or stolen items)

*Unless indicated, these are recommendations only and you are not necessarily required to purchase or bring these items.