To help you prepare for your upcoming workshop with PWB, please follow the following steps 1-4 (you may skip the videos if they are not applicable to you, but they might be a good refresher anyway). Our goal is to get everyone on the same page technically so that we can dive right into storytelling and picture-taking when we get to our destination. This workshop is designed to help you improve on portrait, landscape and storytelling skills specifically.

  1. Read through the PWB Packing List and make sure you have everything!
  2. Read through PWB's Code of Ethics.
  3. Check out our recommended PWB Packing List for a list of essential items.
  4. Get your mandatory travel insurance! We recommend World Nomads. Click on the link below to get a discount on World Nomads travel insurance:

 6. In case you're new to photography, your camera, or manual settings on your DSLR/mirrorless (both are great) camera, please watch the following videos to prepare   yourself: