At one of the most hazardous worksites in the world, the employees of The Chernobyl Power Plant risk their lives everyday. Clean Futures Fund is working to improve the health and well-being of all generations still feeling the effects of the historic radioactive explosion. Follow photographer Ron B. Wilson’s journey to the Ukraine where he captured the intergenerational struggle for a healthy life in PWB Series: Children of Chernobyl coming May 2019. 

Clean Futures Fund is an organization that provides awareness and support to those who have been affected by disasters such as industrial accidents and long-term remedial activities. Currently, their efforts are focused on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, the largest man-made disaster in history. Their initiatives include healthcare and well-being for workers and children, as well as dog adoption programs.

By Jeffrey Garriock

By Jeffrey Garriock



Thirty years after the accident in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, little progress has been made on decontaminating the environment, and removing the spent nuclear fuel. The effects of the accident are still being felt to this day. Underfunded hospitals fill with locals experiencing numerous disorders and illnesses. The children of those who lived through the accident are developing problems of their own. Even the third generation still suffers from the effects of what happened in 1986, and we know so little that we scarcely know what steps to take next. Clean Futures Fund is trying to help by distributing medical grants to people living and working here, working with the community to improve their hospital and rehab centre, and working with the power plant to determine how best to proceed. In addition to all this, Lucas Hixson (Clean Futures Fund co-founder) wants to tell the stories of this place and its people. Chernobyl is an event that many people have put in their past. But for those that live there today, it’s their home. For Lucas, it’s beginning to become his home too. How do we learn the right lessons from an incident like this in order to move forward the right way with nuclear power?

By Ron B. WIlson

By Ron B. WIlson



Producer: Myroslava Stadnyk

Producer: Lucas Hixson

Translator: Rita Gasanova

Translator: Myroslava Stadnyk

Director: Danielle Da Silva

Director: Jeffrey Garriock

Cinematographer: Jeffrey Garriock

Editor: Jeffrey Garriock

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